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Man Struck By Lightning Lives to Share Experience

Rick Morelock of Fowler was hit by a bolt of lightning while changing an RV battery at his home.

Rick Morelock of Fowler was struck last week during those wild thunderstorms we experienced.  A week later, he's still feeling the physical effects.

Reporter:  How grateful are you to be sitting here? 

“I'm very grateful. I count my blessings everyday,” said Rick Morelock.

After being hit with a bolt of lightning, Rick Morelock is following doctor's orders to get a lot of rest.  When he does move around, each step is taken extremely carefully.

“My balance is off. I forget things every now and then.  I can't even pick up my own baby,” said Morelock.

As a safety precaution, rick must sit down in order to hold his 3-week old son.

“The feeling is just; I mean I’m not here.  I'm not me,” said Morelock.

Rick took us back to August 19th; a night he'll never forget.

He needed to change a battery on an RV that was parked on his property.  So he ducked his head into the compartment, causing a metal lid to rest on the back of his neck.

“Started to set the battery on it, heard the clap, then saw the light out the side of my eye and then felt it.  Felt it hit.  Just shocked the hell out of me,” said Morelock.

The jolt dropped rick to his knees.  He could not move.

“It was all my muscles were contracted.  Like a hard workout where you get stiff,” said Morelock.

A relative nearby rushed to his aid.

“It was pain I’ve never, ever felt before,” said Morelock.

Investigators believe the RV absorbed the direct hit of the electrical charge then sent it down through Morelock.

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, you have a 1: 315,000 chance of being struck by lightning.

Reporter:  “Have you responded to a call of someone being struck by lightning?

“Normally they're dead.  Yeah, they were dead,” said Chris Curtice of the Fresno Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

But somehow, this 54-year old truck driver beat those odds.

“I'm very lucky.  Very lucky to be sitting here,” said Morelock.


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