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Madera Truck Stop Scammed

Four men posing as customers scammed the Pilot Truck Stop out of more than a thousand dollars on Tuesday.
At first glance it looks like the sort of fair exchange every cashier is accustom to but this time the intentions were criminal.

"However big the bill was that they put on the counter it wasn't nearly as big as the amount of money they made out with when they walked out the door," said Madera County Sheriff’s Department Spokeswoman Erica Stuart.

The Madera County Sheriff’s Department says four men scammed the Pilot Truck Stop off Highway 99 Tuesday evening. The group of alleged hustlers posed as customers asking to break up large bills, eventually confusing the cashiers into giving them more money than they were owed.

Ten minutes after the group walked in the store deputies say they were able to scam the cashiers out of over 1200 dollars. Pilot Truck Stop management declined to go on camera but said it is changing cash exchange rules, making it mandatory for a supervisor to be present when large bills are used.
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