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Knife Wielding Man Shot By Police

Investigators say an officer shot a man after he charged him with a knife.
It's a scene still fresh in the minds of those who witnessed it, according to police it all started as a routine family disturbance call early Wednesday morning before taking a violent turn when a patrolman arrived.

"The male adult charged the officer with a knife and at which time the officer fired several rounds at the suspect," said Deputy Police Chief Pat Farmer.

At least one of those rounds hit the unidentified 29-year old man in the upper body. Investigators say family members had first called police after the man began acting bizarre but it wasn't until he charged the first officer on scene that things escalated. Apartment manager Maylene Saleem was inside with her family when she heard the gun shots and once she thought it was safe she stepped out to find a frantic scene.

"All we hear is the lady screaming you killed my brother, you killed my brother, the police killed my brother and she is hysterical," said Saleem.

The man is currently in critical condition at Community Regional Medical Center.

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