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Demolition Turns Tragic

One man lost his leg and four others were injured when a Bakersfield demolition went wrong.
At first glance it looks like a success but the cheers quickly faded when it became clear something had gone wrong.

"The piece of metal hit right below and is inside my leg right here," said spectator Fred Garden.

Garden was one of five spectators hit by flying debris when they were in the parking lot of a nearby Lowes when the implosion began.

“We were just out here watching the explosion like everybody and I caught a piece of shrapnel in my leg," said Garden.

Garden was able to walk away but another man was not so lucky.

"He sustained a complete amputation, an apparent complete amputation of one leg and a possible amputation of the second," said Lt. Scott Tunnicliffe with the Bakersfield Police Department.

PG & E says the spectators were more than one thousand feet away from the demolition, a distance that should have guaranteed their safety.

"It appears they were outside that safety perimeter when they were injured," said Denny Boyles with Pacific Gas and Electric.   
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