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Crooks Accidentally Dial 9-1-1

Caught in the act, foiled by their own cell phone and a pocket-dial. The crime spree of two suspects was stopped by an alert 9-1-1 operator.

"911 state your emergency.”

The call started out like any other.

Operator: “911 state your emergency”

But no one answered the 911 operator.

She could hear someone on the other end of the line.

Suspect: “I'm Nathan.”

Operator: “Hello!”

Instead of hanging up the operator listened.

Suspect: “I just want to smoke weed so bad right now.” 

Over the next 35 minutes, the talk went from how to find drugs to breaking into a car.  

Suspect: “Get the bolt and give me the hammer just in case.”

Noise on the other end as the pair smashes a window in the car, and finds prescription drugs.

Suspect: “They're Norcos, yeee-ahh!”

The men leave... but plan to come back.

Suspect: “We'll go back and search in a little bit and search the whole thing. But we'll park far away, you know?”

As the pair was driving around, the dispatcher picked up clues on where they were and sent officers.

The suspects spotted a police car behind them.

Suspect: “He's right (expletive) behind me, dude.”

Suspect: “Oh he's following me Dog!”

Suspect: “He's following the (expletive) out of me Bro!

Suspect: “Wow what did I do?”

The officers pull them over.

Officer: “Evening.”

Suspect: “Good evening, what did I do?”

Officer: “I'd like to have you step out of the vehicle.”

20 year old Nathan Teklemariam and 20 year old Carson Rinehart don't know yet why they've been stopped.

Officer: “Anything in your vehicle that shouldn't be in your vehicle?”

Suspect: “Not at all, I'm just driving my friend home.”

But police find items taken from the burglarized car.

And that's when the suspects learn how they were caught.

Suspect: “The phone really called 911?”

Officer: “Huh?”

Suspect: “I said: this phone really called 911?

Officer: “Yeah.” 

The pair now faces charges of breaking into a car, possession of stolen property and conspiracy to commit a crime.

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