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Car mileage scam: Hundreds of victims in the Valley

Investigators have cracked a case where hundreds of cars were tampered with.
Hundreds of cars are sold on Craigslist everyday, but not all of them are what they seem. DMV investigators have cracked a case where hundreds of cars were tampered with.
Police have arrested 24-year-old Murad Alrawashdeh, 20-year-old brother Rami Alrawashdeh and their 30-year-old cousin Atef Alrawashdeh.
A Fresno victim of the alleged scheme who didn't want to be identified said he bought his Honda on Craigslist.  He was told it had 57,000 miles on it.  The truth? It was a salvaged car and that's not all.

"I found out that since 2010, the car was over 100 thousand miles," said the anonymous victim.

DMV Central Area Commander, Tom Wilson said the two brothers Murad and Rami Alrawashdeh, along with their cousin were buying cars on Craigslist, switching out the odometers and then re-selling them for a steep profit on the site.

"What we noticed was that they would purchase the vehicle in one city and once they changed the odometer they would post it for sale in another city," said Wilson.

It's believed just in the Central Valley there are at least 100 victims.  The brothers were arrested at a home near Archie and Princeton Avenue in Fresno on Tuesday after a search warrant turned up more than 30 rolled back odometers, cash and car titles. 

Investigators said the suspects even kept multiple ledgers which showed, which type of vehicle it was, how much they purchased it for, sold it for and then the profit they made.

"When that was totaled, it was determined they sold more than 220 vehicles in a two and a half year period and profited approximately $296,000," said Wilson.

Investigators want you to come forward if you might have purchased a tampered car from the suspects.  they say the targeted cars were 2003 to 2007 Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics.

"It's very upsetting that you want to get something good and you get something that is not," said the anonymous victim.

It's important to do your research before buying a car.  Something as simple as a Carfax report will tell you what the mileage should be and if it was ever salvaged.

You can also call DMV investigators at (599) 488-4024 if you think you might have purchased a car from the suspects.
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