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Bakersfield Principal Arrested for Murder

A Bakersfield principal is suspected of murdering her husband
A Bakersfield principal is behind bars, accused of murdering her husband.

Deputies say 46 year-old Leslie Chance shot her husband of 17-years.

On Sunday the body of Todd Chance was found in an almond orchard.

Investigators say the suspect later drove off in her husband's car and abandoned it.

Those who know Leslie Chance are in disbelief.

"Shock, disbelief, not believing you know it had to be a mistake," says Ken Chichester, Asst. Superintendent, Greenfield Union School District 

"I don't think she would do something like that but I don't know her to judge her," says Lorana Gallo a parent at Fairview Elementary School.

The victim's parents live in Shafter they say there was no indication of a bad marriage and the couple had just returned from a vacation in San Francisco. 
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