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Baby left in car dies

A one year old Fresno boy died Friday after his parents left him in a car for over an hour.
It was a sound Deorsha Freeman will never forget.

"I heard the mom screaming from inside the house and so I was just like wait a minute, something is going on," said Freeman.

And before she knew it, Freeman, a mother of two, found her self in the middle of another mother's nightmare.

"She's like my baby, my baby," said Freeman.

Police say the one year old baby boy had been left in his parents black SUV for over an hour just steps from their front door, forgotten, until they realized he was missing.

"They began franticly searching all over the house for him, then they went out to the vehicle were they found him," said Lt. Mike Doyle with the Fresno Police Department.

Watching it all unfold from her front yard, Freeman rushed over to try and help.

"So I just got down on the ground and just started doing CPR, you know he was already gone, he had just been in there too long, he had been in there over an hour," said Freeman.

First responders rushed the boy to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police say the parents are not being charged, calling it a tragic accident and hoping it will serve as a reminder to never leave children of any age locked in a hot car.


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