At risk 18-year-old missing

At risk 18-year-old missing

Fresno State student Alexis Jackson has been missing since sometime after 2am Wednesday.

Volunteers spent Thursday afternoon searching for 18-year-old Alexis Jackson.  She disappeared from her parent's home Wednesday morning sometime after two-o-clock.  "At Risk" posts are circulating on social media, creating quite a buzz in the community.

Fresno police say they don't believe there's any criminal involvement at this point, but they're calling Jackson "at risk" because she was depressed in the days leading up to her disappearance.  Her father said off-camera that Alexis is very intelligent but she has a hard time socializing.  

Over 36 hours after Alexis Jackson apparently ran away from her parent's northeast Fresno home, police and volunteers scour Woodward Park and the river bottom.  It's a place her parents say she knows well.  Jack Davis says he's worried sick about his friend.

"I'm just really hoping she's ok," said Davis, who was a classmate at Clovis West High School.

Police say Jackson took hiking boots, a backpack and food from her parents' home.  She apparently doesn't have her cell phone or money.

"She's considered at risk mainly because this is her first time she's ever done something like this.  Additionally, her parents have concerns because of her depression," said Lt. Don Gross, Northeast District Commander.

Signs are posted all over Woodward Park and nearby shopping centers, but the fastest way to spread the word is online.  Davis says their social network has been trying to reach her.  He hopes Jackson knows they sincerely care.

"Alexis, if you're watching this, just please be ok.  There's a lot of us former band geek friends, you'll know what that means, a lot of us are worried about you.  Just please, please be ok," said Davis.

Jackson is about 5 feet, 4 inches and 115 pounds.  If you happen to see her or have information for police, call 621-7000.

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