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Aspen Fire Grows as Triple Digit Temps Hit Valley

The Aspen Fire grew to nearly 9,000 acres on Sunday while those on the valley floor dealt with scorching heat.
You wouldn't be the first to assume that on a hot day a helicopter is a good place to be but take a closer look and you will likely reconsider.

"Our air conditioning is the doors off, so when it is a 105 it is 105 in there," said Johnny Reyes with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department.

Reyes is one of the pilots of the Fresno County Sheriff's Department's Eagle One. And on a hot day there is no escaping the sun, large windows and a lack of AC make their helicopter just about the last place you want to be.

"So whether it is 55 degrees outside or 105 we are wearing the same thing, so when it gets pretty hot it gets pretty uncomfortable," said Reyes.

Meanwhile, fire crews in the Kaiser Wilderness dealt with a different sort of heat as they continue to battle the now nearly 9,000 acre Aspen Fire. Thick plumes of smoke have cut visibility and made breathing difficult for many near the fire.
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Fresno, CA

  • High: 103°F
  • Low: 74°F
  • Sunrise: 5:57 AM PDT
  • Sunset: 8:12 PM PDT
  • Feels Like: 74°F
  • Wind Chill: 74°F
  • Visibility: 10 mi.
  • Dew Point: 57°
  • Relative Humidity: 56%