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Another fire in Yosemite Lakes Park

A fifteen acre wildfire broke out in Yosemite Lakes Park Sunday afternoon.
In Yosemite Lakes Park, the sights and sounds of firefighting have become an almost daily occurrence. This time it's a 15-acre blaze that threatened more than twenty homes and Rivergold Elementary.

“Our main focus was to get equipment in place to defend those structures in front of the fire to direct the fire around it while we continue to work on control of the fire," said Chris Christopherson with Calfire.

Thanks to a quick response time and overwhelming resources, including air tankers and helicopters, firefighters were able to stop the progress of the fire before it could damage any homes.

In the past month alone, more than twenty fires have been sparked in the
Yosemite Lakes Park area, prompting many to ask if the fires are the product of an arsonist. And while arson isn't being ruled out, investigators are reluctant to say if the fires are connected.
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