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7-Year Old Donovan Maldonado Remembered 1 Year Later

Candles were lit Friday evening ...in memory of a special seven year old boy.
Candles were lit Friday evening...in memory of a special seven year old boy.

A year since that tragic night, the memories, prayers and tears haven't faded.

But as his grandfather puts it, Donovan Maldonado teaches a valuable lesson.

“We were to take our life we should take it on as a child. They're fearless, they're forgiving, they're loving... there's no phoniness to a child. And that's what i would say the most about Donovan,” said Michael Greer.

Donovan is seen here smiling in his school picture...

Smiling and playing sports is how his friends remember him.

“He was a really good sport in basketball and soccer,” said 9-year old Nicholas Forestiere. 

“They played their hearts out. They played bigger than they were, especially Donovan.

He was the smallest guy but he would put his heart into it,” said Dad Steve Forestiere.

Donovan was riding his bicycle with his family...at a bike path on shepherd avenue, when he was hit by a car. 

An underpass being built along that path.

And Loren LeBeau, the central high basketball coach who police say was behind the wheel and driving under the influence, pleaded no contest last month.

He faces 12 years in state prison. 

But his family and friends have a hopeful message.

“There has to be healing but first there has to be forgiving,” said Grandfather Michael Greer. 

LeBeau is scheduled for sentencing in August.

Donovan's family is suing for damages.

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