Welcome to the Singh Sinus and Breathing Center

We provide state of the art evaluation and treatment of asthma, sinus disease, allergies, ear infections, chronic cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, emphysema, rashes, eczema and hives.

We have two Health Care Providers, Dr. Sudeep Singh and Lin Faeth, NP, who rotate through all three offices to provide the care all our patients deserve.

Dr. Singh is a Board Certified specialist in the field of Asthma, Sinus Disease and Allergies who keeps up with the latest and most recent technology in this field. Dr. Singh is also a Board Certified Internist. He did his residency in New Jersey and then his specialty training in Los Angeles.

Lin Faeth is a licensed Nurse Practitioner who is well qualified to see patients on her own within the guidelines and protocols set by Dr. Singh. Lin has been in the medical field for 25 years. She has been working closely with Dr. Singh for some time getting to know the patients and specifics of allergy, asthma and sinuses.

The staff at the Singh Sinus and Breathing Center works with the doctors to provide high quality care.


Medication refills must be made by contacting you pharmacy or our office during regular office hours. Please have the following information available when contacting us for a refill:
1. Your name and telephone number.
2. Name and telephone number of your pharmacy.
3. Name of medication.
4. Last date you were seen in the office.

PATIENT EDUCATION: We encourage patient education because we believe that our patients should receive all the information about their disease and about all the medications they are supposed to take. This is especially important in the case of patients needing inhalers and sprays because correct technique is very important for the efficiency of these medicines.

Most common diseases treated by Singh Sinus and Breathing Center: 1. Asthma: Dr. Singh and Lin Faeth, NP have special training in the treatment of Asthma which affects so many people in the valley. Our office keeps up with the latest and most updated information in the field of Asthma. If you suffer from wheezing, chronic cough, shortness of breath, tight chest or frequent chest colds, you should be evaluated for Asthma. This evaluation will require the lung function testing with the help of a PFT machine which entails blowing into a computer. This helps in the diagnosis of Asthma or lung related diseases and also helps us design a treatment plan for our patients.

2. Sinus Disease: Sinus problems affect 1 in 5 people these days. The symptoms could be stuffy nose, sinus pressure and headache, constant post nasal drip, night time cough, nasal congestion and fatigue. It decreases work performance and school attendance. The evaluation would require direct visualization of the sinus openings and their surrounding structures including the back of the throat and voice box where the post nasal drainage can cause some of the symptoms. This direct visualization could be achieved with the help of the Rhinoscope. This state of the art equipment and our office is the only allergy office in the Central Valley to specialize in this technology. This is a painless procedure done in the office after the use of nasal spray numbing medicine. This gives more information than an X-ray and no radiation exposure.

3. Allergies: Allergic rhinitis is the overreaction of our immune system to pollen, mold, dander and dust. This reaction would produce sneezing, runny and stuffy nose, itchy nose, itchy throat and watery eyes. These symptoms could be seasonal or can persist all year around depending on the type of allergies. The most important thing is to find out what one is allergic to. This could be achieved by doing skin testing in our office by an experienced staff member. Once the exact cause could be identified, it is easier to prevent and treat it. Treatment would require avoidance of those specific things one is allergic to, use of medicines to control the symptoms and allergy injections to immune one?s body to those allergies.

4. Frequent Ear Infections and Sore Throat: These diseases could also be related to allergies or sinus infections. Allergies or sinus disease can cause swelling of the surrounding areas including Eustachian tube openings and adenoid tissue which could be responsible for not only frequent ear infections, sore throats, but also snoring, throat tightness and hoarseness.

5. Eczema and Hives: These skin rashes could be related to allergies. Food allergies can be responsible for some of the rashes. Proper will again help in making the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

INJECTION CLINIC: Patients who need allergy injections for their symptoms should be very consistent with the regimen because allergy shots are started at a very small dose and increased each time an injection is given to reach a maintenance dose. You don?t have to make an appointment nor do you have to be seen by a physician each time you come in to get your injection. Just check our injection clinic hours and you can walk in and receive injection.

Initially the injections would be started on a twice a week program. After about 11 to 12 weeks, they would be stretched to once every week. Injection intervals will continue to be lengthened until a once every two weeks interval is achieved. It is at that point, injections could be stopped if the allergy symptoms are well under control. If one misses their injections frequently, our staff will have to cut back the dose in order to prevent any reactions and it will take longer time to reach your maintenance dose.

To monitor any reactions, our staff will advice you to wait for 15-20 minutes after your injections. They will also check your peak flow prior to injection to make sure you are fine to receive injection that day because too low of a peak flow will mean bronchial spasm and you may be asked to checked by a physician before your injection. Measuring your peak flow will also help us determine the drop in the numbers in case there is a reaction.

The reactions to these injections are very rare if proper precautions are taken by the staff and by the patients. If you have been sick, have a fever or increase in your asthma symptoms lately, please let the injection clinic nurse know.

INSURANCE AND FEES: As a courtesy to the patient, we will submit claims to insurance companies that accept a standard claim form.

All co-payments are due at the time of service. We no longer bill for co-payments.

We allow sixty (60) days for patient?s insurance company to pay. After the sixty days, it becomes patient?s responsibility to pay any balance due.

Patients without insurance coverage will be require to pay in full at the time of each office visit unless prior payment arrangements have been made with the business office.

If you have any questions regarding your account or insurance billing or if you need to arrange a payment plan, please speak with our Billing department and or office manager Maria Landeros at (559)-431-9584

APPOINTMENTS: your permanent record will be established during your first visit with the doctor. It is recommended you arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete registration and history forms. Please bring your insurance card with the proper insurance address and any other information that may be helpful in your treatment. For those patients in need of testing, our first exam may take 1 to 1 ? hours from the time you arrive at the office.

CANCELLING APPOINTMENTS: if you are unable to keep appointment please give 24 hours notice or 25$ cancellation fee will be applied. This courtesy allows us to be of better service to you and other patients.

AFTER-HOURS CARE: Telephones are answered by our physicians exchange service. Please call 559-431-9571 and ask the exchange service to contact Dr. Singh or Lin Faeth NP. We will be more than happy to help you get some treatment until you can be seen in our office the following day.

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