DENTAL IMPLANTS FRESNO By having a passion for superior esthetics and comfort with the use of the latest technology, we provide a state of the art approach for providing implants and associated crowns and dentures: In office CT (Computed Tomography) imaging is used to best understand a client's condition and needs; CAD/CAM and digital designing is used for superior treatment planning for the crown (and/or denture) and implant(s); State of the Art conventional and small diameter ("mini") implants are considered in the planning to provide customized treatment while addressing each client's needs and desires. All this is done with the goal of providing each individual client, the most comfortable experience possible, with faster healing and superior esthetic and long-term results.

CranioFacial Epigenetic Therapy Through the principles of Craniofacial Epigenetics, we provide therapy, painlessly and without surgery--by which a person can receive foundational corrections to: redevelop their underdeveloped jaws, improve their tooth alignment, redevelop their upper airway (pneumopedics?) and enhance asymmetric facial features--even in adults! Here are some main areas where this will make significant improvements in your health and life:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (reduction in oxygen when sleeping and associated fatigue) The appliance therapy does not merely attempt to move one's lower jaw forward (as other current dental sleep apnea appliances) but intends to remodel and open one's airway and may additionally correct, as preliminary studies suggest, the underlying causes of the obstructive sleep apnea condition. The quality and quantity of one's sleep and health improves, and others find improvements in their snoring issues.

Orthodontics: Unlike traditional braces, most if not all the treatment will not require wearing the appliances 24 hours a day; Patients often report a broader, wider smile. Patients have noticed improvements in their facial appearance, a bit like a "facelift" without using any surgery or injections or drugs. Please consider this unique and researched innovative system for dental, orthodontic and craniofacial correction.

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