Mom Matters: Safe Exercises During Second, Third Trimesters

Published 09/02 2014 09:41AM

Updated 09/02 2014 09:50AM

This morning during Carina Corral's pregnancy segment, she shows us low-impact exercises safe to do during second and third trimesters. She enlisted the help of Mike Z. Robinson, considered by IDEA Fitness as one of the top three fitness trainers in the world. 

Carina: "Let's get to it, what's up first?"


MIKE "We're going to start with curls on the TRX here, great piece of equipment using all body weight. Come in on your heels there, curl yourself in and you can adjust the resistance level by moving your feet."

MIKE "We'll go right into the laterals here. Flip your hands around and then pull up here all the way up top. Same thing with the resistance, make it easier go flatter on the feet, make it more effective by coming further in on the heels.

MIKE "Now we're going into the triceps.. this is going to help you carry your baby a lot better."

MIKE "Now we're going to go into push ups , going right in to it, bend those elbows, there we go."


MIKE: "Now we're going to get some upper and lower body in with things that are still low impact."

MIKE: "We're going to go down, squatting, all the way up."

MIKE: "So now, let's go ahead and upper cut, back and forth here, give a little bit of a twist to the core."

MIKE: "So now grab right beneath the handles, stand up nice and straight and we're just kicking out as high as you can getting a lot of inner and outer thigh here."

MIKE: "So now we're going to the Lebert bars...come out flat on your feet and going up and down getting those triceps."

MIKE: "If you want to make it tougher come out here on the heels" 
CARINA: "And if I don't I just stay here."
MIKE: (laughs) "Yeah, go and back up a little bit."

MIKE: "Now go ahead and face the bar and we'll get a bit of the lower half and we'll go right into circular motions, standing up nice and straight, your baby will thank you later for this."

MIKE: "Then go right into an over and back."

MIKE: "Go right into crossing the Ts." 
CARINA: "Oh jeez, whoa."

CARINA: "Alright, now that I've caught my breath a little bit those were some exercises that are safe to do during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. But you always want to take precaution right?"

MIKE: "Yes, of course always talk to your doctor before you start any program, but especially when your pregnant."

Mike recommends 15 reps of each exercise. Next time, we'll take a look at exercises you can do at home with no equipment. 

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