1. Cleanse before you go- I did a cleanse before I left for vacation. The week before I went, I was very careful about what I ate. I juiced 2 times a day for breakfast and lunch and ate small snacks between and a healthy, mostly vegan dinner for 3 days. Then, I did a cleansing fast for 2 days. This was supported by protein supplements, antioxidants and botanicals that help your body's own detoxification system clear out the toxins. This is important because when your body is built up with lots of toxins, which are stored in the fat cells, it's more difficult to lose weight. The body thinks it's protecting you by surrounding the toxins with fat. So, to get rid of the toxins, I did the 2 day cleanse. Without proper cleansing however, it could be detrimental. You don't want the toxins hanging out in your bloodstream. This can cause you to feel terrible with flu-like symptoms. So, if you're thinking about cleansing, please contact me first.

2. Share the main dish and other food tips- As I said, I love to eat and try out different menu items (especially if they are unique). So, in order to taste all the delicious foods without gaining weight, my daughter and I shared the main dish. We would get an appetizer then we would each order a salad and split the main dish. It's the taste I was go for. I got to enjoy different foods and I was very satisfied. I didn't go away hungry ever! Sometimes we even had leftovers which we ate the following day for breakfast or lunch. We had amazing appetizers, salads and entrees! If you like dessert, have coffee and dessert during the day after a nice salad for lunch. This way, you've satisfied your sweet tooth and you'll have time to burn it off instead of going to sleep after eating a big dinner with dessert. Take some meal replacements with you for breakfast, like a shake...or have yogurt and fruit. Don't opt for a heavy breakfast or you may feel sluggish the rest of the day. Bring lots of nuts for snacking. They're a great source of protein and if you are eating consciously, you will be satisfied with just a few.

3. Move your body- Vacation is a great time to get out there and enjoy all the sights. We rented bicycles which was tons of fun! We got to exercise, see the coastline and bike through the downtown area. Bicycling is a great way to get more of a personal feel to your vacation location. If you're by water, try renting a kayak. Walk instead of drive if you can. If you're in nature, go on hikes to take in the beauty that surrounds you. Laying around relaxing and napping is definitely something to schedule into your vacation but make sure to get out there and move. You'll enjoy your vacation spot more and you'll feel more energized!