Eyes Forward Stories


Distracted driving is an epidemic on America's roadways. You see it every day: Drivers swerving in their lanes, stopping at green lights, running red ones, or narrowly missing a pedestrian because they have their eyes and minds on something other then the road.


10 Tips to help keep your promise:

  • Place the phone beyond your reach and turn it off before starting your car.
  • Make last Minute calls before you start your car.
  • Ask a passenger to hold and answer your phone.
  • Post a pledge reminder in your car.
  • Wear your :fwd wristband as a reminder.
  • Ask your passengers to be vigilant in keeping your eyes forward.
  • Create a voice message that tells callers you wont answer calls or texts while driving.
  • Ask family and friends not to call during expected drive times.
  • If you must take/make a call, find a safe place to pull over for the conversation.