Congratulations to JOSE PINEDA, the 2017Super Dad!

Thank you to everyone who submitted and nominated their fathers! Voting is now over.

They don't need super powers. They're dads who talk, read and sing to kids in the first 5 years - making them super!


  • This year's Super Dad won: Fresno Chaffee Zoo Family Membership, Storyland / Playland Family Membership, $240 Deli Delicious Gift Certificate, $100 MB2 Raceway Gift Certificate, and $200 of prizes from Fresno Ag Hardware

2017 Superdad: Jose Pineda
Submitted by: Syda Pineda

"My dad is our superhero because regardless of what my dad is going through he still keeps fighting to be here with us and he is always here for us at our games and volunteering at our school. He loves us so much and never forgets to tell us. My dad has been going to dialysis since 2007 and is currently waiting for a transplant, he has had many surgeries, he fights everyday to be here with me, my mom and brothers and sisters. My dad loves life's and lets nothing get in the way of living life to the fullest."

Nominee: Robert Olsen
Submitted by: Julie De Manty

"My Dad came into my life when I was 12 years old. My bio dad was never a dad to me and my dad who raised me didn't have to be, but was the best dad a kid could ever have. He never used the word step and never treated me different than his 2 bio boys.

When I was 27 my husband and I and our 4 kids were in a bad accident. My husband and daughter were killed instantly. My boys and I were hurt for a long time. My parents took us in until we could get on our feet. My Dad not only was grandfather but became a dad to my boys to help me. He has worked hard all his life and never asked foe anything in return. He really deserves to be called a super dad."

Nominee: Francisco Munguia
Submitted by: Veronica Munguia

"My dad is a super dad because as a field worker he provided for 6 children and raised us to be good citizens. Also in 2013 he had a terrible car accident that has prevented him from working and cause him kidney failure. In early 2016 my sister died of a car accident and he has kept our family strong and united. Also he is raising by brothers four year old son with my mom. He is an amazing man and im proud to call him my dad."