West Fresno couple unscathed after suspect fires 23 rounds at home

Police say a suspect involved in the shooting has been arrested

FRESNO, Calif. - 23 bullets sprayed a home on the 700 block of C Street Monday night. The homeowner did not want to be identified but she says she and her husband were in their bedroom as they heard gun fire before hitting the ground. 

"That one right there, is the one that went through the TV and hit the other bedroom," said the homeowner.

Meanwhile, inside the Real Time Crime Center at Fresno Police Headquarters, all 23 gun shots were heard.

"I walked out of my bedroom and the police officers were already in the front," said the homeowner.

Police say officers were already patrolling the area near downtown and spotted the suspect. 

"They were able to identify the vehicle leaving the area, driving suspiciously and that in of itself was just great observation and great police work," said Lieutenant Steve Card.

That police work continued off the 99 and McKinley Avenue. A Honda crashed into a fence before police say the suspect ran off into the neighborhood of West Weldon and North Weber. Police have arrested a Hispanic male juvenile they say is a gang member and the woman who was in danger says Fresno Police and shot spotter make her feel safe from gun fire. 

"And they can replay it, replay it and show exactly where it came from. And that's impressive to me," said the homeowner.

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