The Smoke Joint has the Best Tri-tip

The Smoke Joint has the Best Tri-tip

CBS47 wanted to know who makes the Valley's best tri-tip and The Smoke Joint in Hanford was the big winner.
No barbecue menu in the Central Valley is complete without tri-tip.

It can be served sliced thick with beans and rice or sliced thin and piled high on a sandwich roll, just as long as it's spiced just right and juicy.

Now we know your uncle does it great on his backyard grill, but we want to know where we can all go, so gives us your favorite tri-tip eatery.

We took your nominations and narrowed it down to the Top 4: Big Bubba's BBQ in Merced, Doghouse Grill in Fresno, The Meat Market in Fresno & Clovis, and The Smoke Joint in Hanford.

Following the online vote, The Smoke Joint in Hanford came away with 62% of the vote! Congratulations to The Smoke Joint and the other Top 4 nominees.

Now we're on to the next Best Of category, which is the Valley's Best Video Game Arcade.

So tell us... Who is the Central Valley's Best?
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