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Sidelines Spotlight: Stephen Vogt

At 28 years old, Stephen Vogt is a little old to be considered a prospect. But with a batting average hovering around .400, he's also not exactly flying under the radar, either.

Stephen Vogt swings the bat so effortlessly, yet you can tell it took a lot of effort for that to happen.

"All I can control is where my name is in the lineup," says the everyday catcher for the Sacramento River Cats. "I'm gonna play well that night."

On the nights he was in Fresno this week, Vogt played quite well.

It helped that he's from Visalia (Central Valley Christian HS) and had his own cheering section.

"It really is a comforting feeling and it's nice. It's nice to be close to home," he says.

Vogt had four hits during the mid-week series against the Grizzlies, one of which left the yard.

"I think the reason I'm hitting so well is I'm not concerned with my hitting right now," he adds. "I'm focused on being a catcher for these pitchers and helping them the best way I can and being the best way I can behind the plate."

It seems so simple: focus on being a catcher.

Yet it wasn't that way with Tampa Bay.

Vogt was drafted by the Rays in 2007, who saw him as a utility player; he did briefly make it to the majors, but he's still looking for his first big-league hit.

"I had good at-bats up there, just wasn't getting the results," he said. "It's a big difference playing everyday here.

"I'm really really anxious to get another chance."

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