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Getting to know Dr. Castro

Fresno State's new president officially begins work in August but visited the campus this week.
Dr. Joseph Castro says getting the job at Fresno State was a dream come true and hopes to be an inspiration to Valley youth.

Castro has roots in the Valley, growing up in Hanford with farmworker parents who immigrated from Mexico. 

On Friday, Castro said he plans to be interactive with students because he says they're what's most important.

Castro came to Fresno from the Bay Area Wednesday night, one week after it was announced he would be Fresno State's new president.

He says he plans to move his family to Fresno by July. He officially begins his duties on August 1st

Castro says he will be working with a transition team to learn the ropes at Fresno State. He's had an opportunity to tour the campus in the last couple days and says he likes what he saw. "It's such a beautiful campus. I was here very often around ten years ago and I've been back occasionally since. It has really changed in such incredible ways, you know, to see the library and what's happening there..." said Dr. Castro.

Castro also says once he officially starts, he plans to schedule time to walk the campus and visit with students and will offer a direct line to him anytime. He's encouraging people to connect with him via Twitter using his handle: @josephicastro.

Castro said getting this job was personal for him and his family is so excited to have him back.
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