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Cool Schools: Roosevelt High School

Roosevelt High School is our Cool School because of one special student who not only plays rugby but also dances too.
Our Cool School is once again Roosevelt High School but this time it's because of a young man we want you to meet. His name is Ivan Nunez and he's not only very active in the sport of rugby, but he also loves to dance.

Ivan is very athletic and if anyone questions why a rugby player would want to take dance classes... he says it's all about the girls.

Dance teacher Mark Allatore said, "A lot of Hmong dancers, they're usually just females. But in Hispanic culture, if you don't have a parella, a partner, how do you dance? I just think it's the greatest thing on Earth when you see a kid and they really want to do it."

Ivan also goes for it on the rugby field, where he makes a real impression on those who watch him.

Roosevelt High Principal Bryan Wells said, "It's amazing. He's right out front in the lead. He's a leader of our students in the arts component, as well as the athletic field and there's no give. He doesn't give up. Drive, drive, drive."

Roosevelt Campus Advisor Brian Vollhardt said, "Ivan's a great kid. He's probably one of the leaders on the team, definitely one of the strongest kids I know."

Whether it's dancing, or kicking the rugby ball with his friends, Ivan just loves the adventure. "Having a challenge is always a fun thing to do," said Ivan.

Congratulations to Ivan, and we wish him all the best of luck as he continues his education this fall at City College.

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