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Cool Schools: Nelson Elementary

This week's CBS47 Cool School is Clovis Unified's Nelson Elementary, where students are trying to earn money to compete in the Destination Imagination Global Tournament in Tennessee.
A group of students at Nelson are in a program called Destination Imagination and they are hoping to take part in an international creativity competition. 

11-year-old student Riley Hernandez said, "We've been working on it since, like January. Took a lot of work to get all that stuff."

School Principal Kendra Matson said, "These are the hardest working students you're going to find anywhere, because not only are they all honor students, but they're also involved in school sports, and then - they're also championship D.I. members." 

D.I. is short for Destination Imagination. Every year, young people around the world are encouraged to choose from a variety of challenges, designed to stimulate critical thinking, creativity and problem solving. 

Nicolette Perez, a parent of a DI student said, "The kids chose science, and so the science theme this year is called Wind-devisable. And you have to, number one, create art that moves; you have to use wind energy to move the art."

10-year-old Kiya Terrey said, "It's really easy to make stuff that is really creative. And it's kinda fun to make new things that you haven't tried yet."

Only the best teams, like this one from Fresno, are invited to the finals, after winning their local or state competitions. 

Teacher Michelle Resendes said, "They're able to show you how science and art are being combined... how they can really be combined in the real world."

For all these kids to make the trip to Tennessee for the Destination Imagination Global Tournament, they have to raise about $12,000 for airfare, hotels and other expenses. 

7-year-old Gannon Perez said, "We're trying to get a couple of donations, like from companies and we're selling chocolate bars, candles, raffle tickets."

Riley Hernandez said, "I am really excited to be able to go to Tennessee. This is my first year doing D.I., and being able to go to Knoxville is really cool."

Teacher Michelle Resendes said, "Very proud of these kids. They've been leaders since they hit our campus, and they'll continue to be as they move on."

Good luck to these great kids and their teachers. If you would like to help them make that trip to Tennessee, there's a carnival on the school campus May 3rd, 3-8:00 p.m.

Nelson Elementary is off Fruit Avenue, just north of Herndon. 

They're going to be selling raffle tickets for $10. You might win an iPad, and you'll be helping those kids make their trip. 
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