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Cool Schools: Immanuel High School

CBS47's Mike Scott visited Immanuel High School in Reedley, where seniors leave class on Wednesdays to volunteer in the community.
Volunteering is an important way to be part of your community, which is why these local students get time off from class to help out.

CBS47's Mike Scott visited Immanuel High School in Reedley for this week's Cool School.

Every Wednesday, senior students at Immanuel are allowed to leave the campus for an hour to go volunteer their time at different places around town.

Student Austin Rivera said, "Something I definitely look forward to every week."

Student Adam Aleman said, "Just feels good whenever you're doing something, not for yourself, but for somebody else."

Students volunteer to teach kids to read, Work with children in the classroom, stack books, help out at local thrift stores, do yard work for non-profits and visit seniors in retirement homes. The students do it all willingly, every single week. 

Teacher Don Knaak said, "We actually started only going to the old folk's home, cause it was real close. We all went over there. Then we realized there were other needs in Reedley, so we started spreading out around Reedley and doing more service there."

Student Austin Rivera said, "Well, I think it's great teaching kids to go out there and serve other people, and not always have to receive something in return. I think it builds a lot of good morals in you, and teaches them good life lessons too."

Student Bethany Fox said about working at the senior center: "Me and one of my good friends, we have gotten to know a group of maybe like eight ladies really well, and we're planning, we're already planning a party for them when we're out of school, and I've no doubt that I will come back during the summer and visit with them and have coffee with them."

Principal Ryan Wood said, "Just the idea of service is something that we're trying to teach that, so for us, as a Christian school, we want to teach our kids that we need to give back and serve, and so it's a great way to do it."

Student Adam Aleman said, "We're a little school, so we only do a little part. Just imagine if we had more schools, and more people doing it, just get bigger and bigger, and just continue to help people out."

Good things are happening in Reedley, thanks to the students at Immanuel High.

Congratulations to Immanuel High School for being this week's Cool School!
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