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New shelter opens in Clovis

The new facility for victims of domestic violence is the third Marjaree Mason Center in Fresno County.
A new Marjaree Mason Center was dedicated in Clovis on Monday.  Dozens of donors and community leaders got to walk through the $4,000 square foot home for the first time.  Cost estimates for the home, along with all the bells and whistles, are upwards of $500,000.  Many private donations and some public dollars went into it. 

The sign is unveiled for the new Marjaree Mason Center in Clovis.  It's dedicated to Bibi Assemi, the mother of Darius Assemi.  He was emotional when speaking about her at the ceremony.  He says she inspired him to give back in his community.  Granville Homes built and donated the seven bedroom facility.

“For all the values she instilled in us as we were growing up: to remember the underprivileged, to remember women, women's rights,” said Darius Assemi.

Dozens of people, including Bibi, tour the home for the first time on Monday.

“Unfortunately my English is not very good, but I'm very happy today,” said Bibi.

The Marjaree Mason Center houses over 800 women and children every year.  Executive Director Pam Kallsen says the Clovis facility can be a resource for any victim in the valley.

“We're also part of an international network of shelters and we've been known to move people out of state or the country, whatever it takes to keep them safe,” said Kallsen.

The home is fully furnished and features a large playground, thanks to private donations.  Schneider Electric outfitted the home with over a dozen security cameras.  In an emergency, the Clovis Police Department can access the cameras, providing an extra level of security.

The 24 hotline to call if you're in need is 1-800-640-0333.

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