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New option coming for senior transportation

HandsOn Central California needs volunteer drivers before it can launch a new program, Fresno Area Silver Transit.

A new transportation option for seniors is getting ready to launch in Fresno and Clovis.  The non-profit Hands On Central California is starting a service called "Fresno Area Silver Transit."  All is needs to become operational is volunteers to give rides to seniors.

Currently there aren't many options for seniors who can't drive to get around.  But in a matter weeks there should be a new service to get seniors to their doctor's appointments, the grocery store and meetings with friends.

George Grim represents the 20% of adults nationwide with a parent who can no longer drive.

"So if I can't take them to the store, or my brother, they're kinda helpless," said George Grim, a Fresno resident.

Earlier this year, Hands On Central California decided to try and fix the growing local problem.  It'll be for people 55 or older who can walk from door to door.  One day it hopes to provide rides for thousands of seniors each month.  But first it needs about 260 volunteer drivers.  They would do a four-hour shift each week using their own car.

"I need bodies.  We need driver volunteers, people who want to make a change right away, right away," said Bruce Marion of Hands On Central California.

Ken Hamm oversees the Handy Ride program, a division of Fresno Area Express.  He says it provides several hundred thousand rides each year, but knows other services are still in demand.

"We have a growing population that is aging longer, so we're seeing in the industry far more people needing services beyond the basic transit system," said Hamm.

A similar program is being done in San Diego.  Now Hands On Central California wants to help the elderly get around in our community.

"I think having a program like that would be very positive," said Grim.

Riders would pay $20 a month, like a membership fee, then each ride would cost about $24 round trip.  The volunteers would be reimbursed for their gas mileage.

For more information, call 237-3101 or click on the "related link."  

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