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Freed suspect now wanted in two counties

Walter Levon McDaniel was released from jail because of a breakdown in communication, but his luck may soon run out.
CBS47 is learning more about a suspect who was allowed to walk free after a communication breakdown between Fresno County and Madera County jails.  According to court records, Walter Levon McDaniel has a long criminal history.  There are now warrants for his arrest in Madera and Fresno counties.

36-year-old Walter Levon McDaniel's luck may be running out.  He was freed from Fresno County Jail on Saturday after the Madera County Jail failed to pick him up.  He's wanted in Madera County on a felony warrant, after failing to show up in court.  Thursday he missed another court date.  He was supposed to be in a Fresno County courtroom for two cases stemming from 2012.

“One of the reasons he's not showing up is because he knows he's probably run out that string of being on the run and next time he'll be sitting in a cell until he has his cases resolved,” said Carl Faller, a defense lawyer.

According to a criminal complaint, McDaniel has over a half dozen prior convictions, including a strike for a violent crime.  The cases date back to 1997.  Most recently, he was arrested in Fresno after being found with a ten year old boy who'd been missing for over 24 hours.  That case is still under investigation, but Chief Jerry Dyer says his officers are on the hunt to find McDaniel.

“We will make a broadcast, get it into the hands of officers, and we will locate him if he is in the City of Fresno because he deserves to be behind bars,” said Dyer.

As for how McDaniel ended up a free man, Madera County jail says it still doesn't know why it didn't get the computer messages to pick him up.  The Fresno County jail did not provide us the number of times inmates are released because of similar circumstances.  It would only say it is rare.

If you have information on McDaniel, call CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP.

The VINE system allows registrants to receive updates on inmates in the county jail.  Click on "related links" to learn more.

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