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Final push to the polls

Volunteers for both sides of Measure G are getting out the vote on Election Day.

The final push to the polls as the special election nears an end.  Both sides of the Measure G issue hit the streets on Tuesday.  Volunteers went door-to-door, encouraging residents to cast their votes.  Fresnans will decide whether city workers or a private hauler will take out their trash.  

College student volunteers with the Yes on Measure G campaign pound the pavement, asking voters for their support.  They leave door hanging fliers with information explaining their side of the controversial issue.  Voter Brad Gage says he's reluctantly voting 'yes' because he doesn't fully trust the city.

"What matters to me is if it does bring more money to the city that we spend it wisely and that we don't waste it on stuff we don't need," said Gage.

Mayor Ashley Swearengin encourages voters with a call from the campaign headquarters.  It was bustling with activity on Election Day.

"We're calling thousands of people across Fresno today and reminding them to vote and it's good for our community; it helps people save a little bit of money," said Swearengin.

For years, award winning, city-employed trash haulers have collected curbside garbage in Fresno.  If the service is privatized, Mid Valley will pick up the trash and pay the city millions each year in franchise fees.  Opponents say the promised rate reduction is too good to be true.

"Initially yes they will go down, but there's no guarantee that the money will be used for public safety as the mayor has claimed," said Marina Magdelano of No on G.

In a Central Fresno neighborhood, Magdelano talks to high propensity voters like Priscilla Swift, whose husband is a city employee.

"As soon as my husband is off from going to work, we're heading down there and voting 'no.'

Polls close Tuesday at 8pm.

If you need a ride to your polling location or more information about voting, here are some phone numbers to call:

General voting information: 600-VOTE (Fresno County Election Office)

Ride to polling location: 440-6604 (Yes on G campaign office) or 779-1981 (No on G volunteer)

*If you receive a ride to a polling place, the volunteer who drives is not allowed to tell you how to vote.
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