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Bathing suits for woman after breast cancer

Patricia Brett designs swimwear to suit a woman's body after breast cancer surgery.
CBS47 is On Your Side with a whole new industry aimed at easing the struggles of women facing breast cancer.

Alexis Christoforous with CBS in New York introduces us to an entrepreneur who's making survivors feel beautiful.

Patricia Brett designs swimwear to suit a woman's body after breast surgery. "They do offer this sense of sexiness as well as support and coverage," said Brett.

Brett understands the challenge first hand, because her family carries the BRCA1 gene, which dramatically increases the odds of breast cancer. "I have that mutation and ten years ago at the age of 39 i had a risk reducing bilateral mastectomy." said Brett.

Brett spent hours trying to find bathing suits that fit after surgery. "Most of the swimwear was really matronly, it had skirts on the bottom, in loud floral prints," said Brett.

She finally decided to make them herself, using the design skills she'd learned as an architect.

She named her company Veronica Brett, after an aunt who died of breast cancer. Three years later, the suits are selling out.

Brenda O'Brien discovered the line after having breast cancer and a double mastectomy. "It was like a dream come true because I knew when I first put it on... it was like... there you have it, It fits, it covers everything," said O'Brien.

Each suit comes with hidden pockets for inserts. They have wide straps and come high under the arms to cover scars, but without looking frumpy. "And that was really my goal, so a woman could forget all about breast cancer and look phenomenal the way she did before.

Brett sells her suits in boutiques and on the web sites ShopBop.com and Soma.com

She says it's the hardest job she's ever had, but also the most rewarding. 
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