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Justin Sacher

The weather doesn?t have to be severe for CBS47 meteorologist Justin Sacher to get excited. He says the daily forecast can be just as thrilling, ?It?s like a great card game. You?ve got all these players ? competition from other TV stations, private forecasting services, even the government at the table. We all place our bets and everybody finds out who is right the next day!?

A love for science runs in Justin?s family. His grandfather, George Sacher, worked on the Manhattan project where he held the nickname ?the human calculator.? It wouldn't be unusual for scientists like Albert Einstein to come over for dinner!

While at CBS47, Justin has made major modifications to the station?s weather computers. His programs help CBS47 provide the most accurate forecast. The computers also track all other forecasters in the area and online including other TV stations. Records of CBS47?s accuracy go back through 2009.

Before coming to CBS47 in 2008, Justin worked in the middle of Tornado Alley as a meteorologist for WHO-TV in Des Moines, Iowa. Justin grew up all over the country and has lived in Iowa, Tennessee, North Carolina, California, Montana and Illinois. He earned his bachelors of science in Journalism at the University of Illinois and completed a certification in meteorology through Mississippi State University. Justin has earned the Seal of Approval for the American Meteorological Society.

Despite insisting everyone ALWAYS RECYCLE EVERYTHING, he?s still happily married and lives in Fresno?s Tower District. You?ll likely spot him at local events benefiting animal shelters and rescues.