Quotes from Denver Broncos coach John Fox after the Super Bowl

Published 02/02 2014 10:06PM

Updated 02/02 2014 10:07PM

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox spoke to the media after the Super Bowl:

(on what Seattle did to disrupt Denver’s offense) “It was a combination of coverage and pressure as it always is in pass defense. There is a reason why they were the No. 1 team in defense during the season. Give them credit. They had a lot to do with it – with a combination of coverage and rush.”

(on what he said to QB Peyton Manning after the game) “I told him he had a great season, a record-breaking season and he just came up a little short tonight.”

(on time of possession in the first quarter) “When you turn the ball over a few times that has a lot to do with time of possession.”

(on whether he feels Seattle’s defense rattled Manning early in the game) “I guess there was a sack late. I thought Peyton did a good job in the pocket. Their pressure did have something to do with it. Their pass defense is outstanding. It led the league in pass defense.”

(on whether Seattle’s defense is a lot faster in person) “They’re pretty fast on film too. They’re a good defense. It didn’t surprise me. I thought that were very good, very fast and well coached. They did an outstanding job.”

(on whether it is difficult to replicate WR Percy Harvin’s speed in practice) “Really, at the end of it, a couple of the plays that we had practiced against were things we’d seen before. We just didn’t execute as well as they did.”

(on whether the tackle position needed more help) “You do what you’re capable of. We mixed and matched that some. I’m not really sure of the stats. I think there was one sack from the game. They played very well.”

(on Denver giving up a lot of pressures based on the number of screens the team ran) “You obviously have better access to the stats than I do.”

(on how difficult the loss is for him) “They’re all difficult. This game is a lot of fun when you win. It doesn’t matter which game. At the end of an NFL season, you’re one happy camper and that’s the Seattle Seahawks tonight.”

(on if the margin of the loss matters) “Not really. Obviously, I would’ve like for us to play better. I feel real bad for our fans, our owner and everybody who has followed the Broncos – all these fans who made the trip out here, I’m disappointed for them too.”

(on whether the first quarter got off to a rough start and affected their rhythm for the game) “Momentum is important in sports. We gave them a little bit of momentum in the first half.”

(on the decision to go for it on fourth-and-2) “I’m thinking that three points wasn’t going to make a big difference in the game and it proved to be true.”

(on what credit he gives ) “He’s a tremendous competitor. We had a great respect for him coming into the game. On a personal level, I knew him as a college athlete and we had him in our building as part of the draft process. He’s a tremendous young player and I have a great deal of respect for him.”

(on what he would say to someone who questions QB Peyton Manning’s greatness after this game) “I’d say, I can’t really say it out loud, right here. I’d get in trouble. Ludicrous would be proper English.”

(on tonight’s loss) “At the end of the day there’s no excuses. It was our team against their team. Their team played better. There’s no doubt that we overcame a lot. We were able to change a lot throughout the season.”

(on whether he felt the team was still in the game at the beginning of the second half) “Yeah, we’ve come back from a similar deficit before. I think taking the opening kickoff to the house didn’t help us.”

(on whether he feels his team is better than they played tonight) “You have to give them credit. I don’t know that we played our best game. I’m not looking at tape or had a chance to go through all the stats. When you’re minus three in a turnover margin against a great football team like the Seattle Seahawks, sometimes this is what you get.”

(on whether he feels it is fair to say Manning played poorly) “No.”

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